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Associated Kyoto Program - AKP | English
Two-semester program for undergraduates. Curriculum focuses on Japanese language with electives in Japan studies. Located at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Prerequisite: at least one year of Japanese language.
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CIEE - Study Abroad Programs | English
Select for listing of programs. Academic year and 4-week summer session of Asian Studies at Sophia University, Tokyo. Japanese language and Asian studies courses. Presented by Council on International Educational Exchange
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Earlham College - Japan Study | English
Semester and academic year programs at Waseda University, administered by Earlham College. Homestay and cultural practicum. Curriculum includes Japanese language, area studies, other content courses in School of International Liberal Studies. Prerequisite: at least one semester of Japanese language.
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Global Daigaku | English | Japanese
School listings within Japan. Schools for studying abroad.
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IES Abroad | English
Worldwide study abroad opportunities include programs in Tokyo, Nagoya (at Nanzan University), and Kasugai. Intensive Japanese language instruction with electives in humanities and social sciences.
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Intensive Japanese Language Program - Waseda University | English
Academic year program at Waseda University in Tokyo. Curriculum focuses on language proficiency, with courses from beginning to advanced levels.
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Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies | English
Program located in Yokohama, administered by Stanford University. Ten-month intensive intermediate, advanced curricula. Goal: proficiency sufficient to pursue academic or professional goals.
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Kansai Gaidai - Asian Studies | English
One- and two- semester programs for undergraduates. Curriculum includes Japanese language and area studies in the social sciences and humanities. Located in Hirakata city, between Osaka and Kyoto.
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Keio University - Japanese Language Program | English | Japanese
Academic year program at Keio University, Tokyo. Focus is on language acquisition, with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels available.
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Keiwa College - Japan Culture and Language Program | English | Japanese
4-week program in Japanese language and classes about Japanese life and culture in English. Field trips, campus life and homestay in Niigata Prefecture.
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Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (KCJS) | English
Administered by Stanford University for consortium of univesities. One and two-semester programs for undergraduates and recent grads who have completed two years of Japanese language study. Curriculum includes Japanese language and Japanese studies.
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Kyushu University - Japan in Today's World | English
One- and two-semester programs at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, primarily for undergraduates. Curriculum includes Japanese language and area studies. Site includes links to Asia in Today's World summer program and Japanese Language and Culture Course for advanced students of Japanese.
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Nanzan Center for Japanese Studies | English
Japanese Studies Program at Nanzan University, Nagoya. Intensive Japanese language instruction also includes seminars and lectures in area studies.
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Princeton in Ishikawa | English
Eight-week, summer intensive language program in Ishikawa, Japan. Courses at 2nd and 3rd year levels. Applications due early March.
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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University | English | Japanese
Ristumeikan Asia Pacific Univeristy. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and asia pacific studies for international students.
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