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Cornell Intensive Japanese FALCON Program | English
Full year intensive Japanese course. Full funding available. Beginning level in summer, intermediate in fall, advanced in spring.
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Harvard University - Modern Japanese Language Program | English
Elementary through advanced levels, regular and intensive courses, classical Japanese offerings, kambun, Japanese linguistic courses.
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Japan Center for Michigan Universities | English
Intensive language courses during academic year. Also summer intensive program.
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M.I.T. Japanese Language Program | English
Beginning through advanced levels. Click on "JP-Net" for online materials for more info. Separate listings for MIT Japan Program under "Employment and Internships" in J Guide.
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Ohio State University - Dept of East Asian Languages and Literatures | English
Summer intensive Japanese (and Chinese) language study programs. Training programs for teachers of Japanese and Chinese.
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Stanford University Japanese Language Courses | English
Japanese Language, Culture & Communication Courses at Stanford University. Tutorials and listening exercises for beginning level Japanese learners. Offers summer intensive courses.
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University of Hawai'I at Manoa | English
East Asian Languages and Literature Dept. Japanese program homepage.
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University of Washington (Seattle) | English
Asian languages and Literature Dept. homepage.
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University of Wisconsin - Technical Japanese Courses | English
Japanese courses available via satellite in U.S. through NTU. Offerings include technical Japanese, language and culture for professionals, business Japanese.
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US Universities and Colleges East Asian Depts. On the Web | English
Links to East Asian Language and Culture sites of American universities and colleges.
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