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Aiiku Hospital | English | Japanese
Departments of obstetrics and gynecology. Motherhood and fatherhood programs, aerobics classes for women before and after childbirth. Located in Kanagawa Prefecture.
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Hozumi Clinic - Community Mental Health Care - Psychiatric Medical Center | English | Japanese
Provides professional, confidential psychiatric consultation, medical support and psychotherapy services and a rehabilitaion daycare center service to the Tokyo community.
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The Bluff Clinic - Yokohama | English
Located in Yokohama, Internal Medicine and General Practice in English, Japanese, and Tagalog.
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THE KING CLINIC | English | Japanese
General practitioner. Native English-speaking doctor on duty. Accepts Japanese and foreign insurance. Tokyo area. Website includes general health topics.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 01/27/2004)

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