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Georgia Japanese Language School | Japanese
Offers language and math courses in Japanese on Saturdays. Classes are for 5-year-olds and up.
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Japanese Language School of Greater Boston | English | Japanese
Offers classes in Japanese for 4-18 year-olds on Saturdays. Has a distinct focus in curriculum for each grade level. Subjects include Japanese language, culture, customs, history, math. Also has Japanese as a Foreign Langauge courses.
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San Francisco Japanese Language Class | Japanese
Offers Saturday classes in four subjects (Japanese, math, social studies, science) for elementary school students and up, all taught in Japanese. Targeted towards students who just moved from Japan.
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The Japanese Weekend School of New Jersey | English | Japanese
Offers basic academic classes in Japanese on Saturdays for 4 - 17 year-olds. Emphasizes extracurricular activities as well as academics.
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The Japanese Weekend School of New York | Japanese
Offers classes in four subject areas (Japanese, math, social studies, science), all taught in Japanese. Three schools are available in the New York area for kindergarten and up.
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