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International Shinto Foundation | English | Japanese
New York-based organization whose stated goal is to debunk myths about shinto and disseminate information on the religion. Includes two essays explaining shinto and its history. The organization also organizes symposia on Shinto in Japan and overseas.
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Jinja Honcho (The Association of Shinto Shrines) | English
Association lincludes approx. 80,000 shrines registered as religious corporations, and promotes Shinto rituals and festivals, preserving Japanese culture and tradition. Includes: Natural Climate and Shinto Faith, the Grand Shrine of Ise, Matsuri (Ceremonies and Festivals), Introduction of Jinja Honcho.
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Shinto Online Network Association | English | Japanese
Comprehensive discussion on Shinto, . Also includes link to Shinto mailing list on Yahoo. Maintained by a non-profit, volunteer organization.
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