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CIA World Factbook - Japan | English
Demographic information on Japan, covering geography, population, government, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues, etc
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 04/11/2002)
E-Stat, Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan | English | Japanese
Managed by National Statistics Center, an Incorporated Administrative Agency. Originally developed by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
(Hits: 3,892 Listed: 11/14/2006)
Electricity Around the World | English
Has voltage, frequency, and plug type information for many countries.
(Hits: 3,893 Listed: 07/20/2003)
Famous Personages in Japan | English
Short bios of famous Japanese including musicians, Politicians, Sports figures, cultural leaders, writers, personalities (celebrities), etc. with links. Written by Kyoto Sangyo University students. Heavy on musicians and sports figures, additional entries welcome.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 08/19/2002)
Information about countries and world rankings | English
Offers comparitive ranking lists of the world's countries in various categories ranging from economic wealth to geographic size.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 08/12/2003)
Japan - A Country Study | English
Library of Congress entry for Japan. Comprehensive guide including broad general information, ability to search, and extensive bibliography.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 04/24/2002)
Japan Zone | English
Comprehensive overview on Japan including topics such as traditional/popular culture, travel in Japan, photo gallery, message boards, etc.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 04/11/2002)
Japanese era names - | English
Alphabetical list of all Japanese nengo (imperial reign year counting system) names. By Meiji Gakuin.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 09/20/2002)
Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan | English
Extensive resource of modern and traditional Japan. Updated and expanded from the 9 volume print version.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 11/04/2003)
NACSIS Webcat | English | Japanese
Database of library collections of national universities/affiliated institutions and RECON files on the World Wide Web. Managed by the Japan's National Institute of Informatics (NII).
(Hits: 3,891 Listed: 07/29/2002)
Web Japan | English
General information on Japan. Maintained by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prepared by Kodansha.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 05/06/2002)

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