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Chronology of Japan's Fine Arts | English
Brief history of fine arts from formative period (7500 BC) to the present
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Contemporary Dance Association of Japan | English | Japanese
Stage schedules and admission information available.
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Immortal Geisha | English
FAQ with basic information about geisha, maiko, and other traditional women entertainers. Photographs and detailed articles about the history, lifestyle and traditions of geisha. News, discussion forums, book reviews, and more.
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Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute | English | Japanese
Holds annual workshop of noh, kyogen, kabuki, nihon buyo(dance of kabuki) and Japanese folk dance. International non-governmental organization of UNESCO. Organization strives to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in the domain of the performing arts.
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Japanese Music | English
Introduction to various genres of Japanese music from traditional to today's popular music. Hosted by University of Texas.
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Performing Arts Network Japan | English | Japanese
Informational site on Japanese performing arts. Includes theater, dance, music, support organizations, festivals, etc. Maintained by The Japan Foundation.
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The Takarazuka Web Site | English | Japanese
The official web site of Takarazuka, an all-female musical group. Performance information (ticket, seating, and access) and brief history of the theatre available.
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Traditional Performing Arts in Japan | English
Brief overview of major genres of traditional performing arts and traditional music, including Noh, Kabuki, Bunraku, Gagaku, etc. with links.
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