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Brinckmann - Japanese Society and Culture in Perspective | English
Topics, essays, multimedia presentations about Japan's society and culture at the beginning of the 21st century. Issues include national identity, pork-barrel construction projects, social alienation, rise of nationalism. By author and commentator Hans Brinckmann.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/05/2006)
Hanami Web | English | Japanese
Privately maintained site about Japanese lifestyle and traditions. Over 120 articles on modern daily life, history. Biographies, book and movie reviews.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 08/30/2005)
Japanese culture - A Primer for Newcomers | English
Descriptions of several major Japanese cultural traits such as uchi-soto, the gaijin complex, honne and tatemae, amae, tate shakei, nihnjin ron, etc. Individually maintained, part of the Japan FAQ.
(Hits: 5,187 Listed: 08/30/2002)
Japanese Culture Keywords | English | Japanese
Brief explanations of Japanese customs, traditional items, and aspects of traditional house.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 07/10/2003)
Kids Web Japan | English | Japanese
Introduces Japan to school children overseas. Oriented for ages 10-14. Culture, history, language, etc. Travel info, fun activities. Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and operated by a Japanese nongovernmental organization.
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 05/06/2002)
Lisa's Japanese Pages | English
Gateway site to articles and other information on Japanese history, culture, music written by Lisa Shea, who has run a feudal Japan newsletter and wrote most of its content for 12 years. Article topics include bonsai, weapons, bushido, feudal society, Edo, Kabuki, Zen, Ukiyo-e, and more. Photos of dolls, netsuke, sake bottles, origami. Gift-giving guide, culture and origami book reviews.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 08/15/2003)
Mezase! NATIVE KANSAI-JIN | Japanese
Guide to Kansai (Osaka region) culture and language. Directory of food and dialects. Analysis of 'boke' and 'tsukkomi' (Japanese slapstick roles), etc. Hanshin earthquake information. English site not found (12/04).
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 07/17/2003) | English | Japanese
Topics on Japanese and French culture, cultural differences. Photo galleries, discussion forums in French and Japanese, Japanese language lessons, directories of webcams, links. Individually-maintained site by French and Japanese couple living in Paris.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 12/20/2004) | English
Dedicated to Japanese language and culture. Includes grammar lessons and quizzes, interactive flashcards and quizzes for kana and kanji. Pages on culture topics. Blogsite.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 08/06/2010)

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