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Bonin Islands - Chichijima - Ogasawara | English
Individually maintained description in English with extensive links about islands far south of Tokyo but administered by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Weather, tourist information, attractions, services, eco-tourism, more.
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Izu Oshima Tourist Information | English
Tourist attractions, map, information on services. Island off coast of Izu Peninsula is under administration of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Official website.
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Kyushu Isolated Islands | English
Information on individual islands, including Tsushima, Iki, the Goto Archipelago, Koshiki Islands, Yakushima, Tanegashima (including Tanegashima Space Center), Amami Archipelago. Presented by -Welcome Kyushu-
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Miyako Island | English
Introduction to Miyako Island, southwest of main Okinawa Island. Part of Okinawa Prefecture. Attractions, activities.
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Sado Island | English
Presented by MIJ International, a travel agency on Sado Island, which is located in Japan Sea. Part of Niigata Prefecture. Map, ferry info and timetables, accommodations, activities, practical services.
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Tsushima Island - Peco-chan Inn | English
Website of a Japanese-style inn on Tsushima Island, between Kyushu and Korea. Tsushima is part of Nagasaki Prefecture. Access info, activities, especially scuba, etc. Site provides general info on Tsushima under Links.
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Yaeyama Islands - Okinawa | English
Island group southwest of main Okinawa Island. Part of Okinawa Prefecture. Information on individual islands, including Ishigaki, Taketomi, Iriomote, Hateruma, Aragasuku, Kuro, Haitoma, Yonaguni, and Kohama. Links to activities, including Ishigaki triathlon race, coral reef viewing, more. Website presented by Ishigaki City Tourist Information.
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