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Introduction to Noh & Kyogen | English
Presented by Japan Arts Council. Includes directories on history, stage, masks, costumes, analysis of plays and literary structure, videoclips.
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Noh and Kyogen | English
History of Noh theater, stage, masks, roles, costumes, program and plays, history of kyogen. Part of Japan Information Network, presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Noh Association Inc. | Japanese
Detailed introduction to noh (history, stage, characters, performance, masks, costume, music, etc.). Brief synopses of noh plays available. Japanese only.
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Noh Mask Gallery | English
Noh masks carved by Koji Abe, Noh Mask Artist - info on history making process
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Noh Mask Homepage | English | Japanese
Noh is Japanese theatre. Shows process of making noh masks and has gallery of masks. Online purchase available.
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Noh Plays | English
Thirteen Noh plays in Japanese and English, presented by the University of Virginia's Japanese Text Initiative. Translations by Arthur Waley.
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Noh-Kyogen | English | Japanese
Brief overview of history, types of plays, characters, stage, and chorus.
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Overview - Japanese Noh Theater | English
Overview of Noh theater hosted by Brief descriptions with photos on origins, Zeami, stage, more.
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The Noh Mask Effect | English
Illustrates the effect of angle on expression perception in Noh masks. Includes a link to a research publication studying the visual psychology of the effect.
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Theatre Nohgaku | English
U.S.-based theater group performs traditional and original Noh plays in English. Images, articles, and links.
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Your gateway to Japanese mystique: Noh plays | English | Japanese
Articles, news, people, databases, background information and more about Japanese Noh. Also features photos by Toshiro Morita, which help communicate stories of Noh plays.
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