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Kyoto National Museum | English | Japanese
Archaeology, ceramics, calligraphy, textiles etc. throughout Japanese history. Description of museum facilities, exhibits, collections, activities, museum dictionary, and links to other museums. Includes KNM bulletin with links to articles in Japanese (with English abstracts).
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Nara National Museum | English | Japanese
Museum displays arts and antiquities from Nara. Description of exhibits, permanent collections. Info on the Research Center for Buddhist Art. Plus links to National museums in Japan.
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National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka | English | Japanese
Collection of ethnographic materials from around the world. Exhibition, events, and route map. Includes MINPAKU Anthropology Newsletter.
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National Museum of Japanese History | English
Exhibits materials and replicas from pre-historic and ancient periods to modern times in Japan. Guide to museum facilities, internet gallery, research activities. Links to National and University museums, and National Research Institutes for the Humanities.
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The National Museum of Art, Osaka | English | Japanese
Museum focuses on contemporary art across the globe. General info, exhibition schedule, past exhibits. Links to other museums.
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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto | English | Japanese
Collection of artworks of the 20th century in Japan and the rest of the world, with emphasis on artists and artistic movements in Kyoto and Kansai. Description on temporary and permanent exhibitions, general info, and links to other museums.
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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo | English | Japanese
Subdivided into the Art Museum, Crafts Gallery, and National Film Center. Info on collections, exhibitions, events (e.g. lectures, tours), and publications.
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The National Museum of Western Art | English | Japanese
Collection presents western art from late medieval to early 20th century (e.g. Rodin, Delacroix, Monet). Provides general info, and links to exhibition calendar and common index of museum objects.
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The National Science Museum | English | Japanese
Exhibits on meteorites and the solar system, the story of evolution from the earliest beginnings of life, the vast diversity of the plant and animal kingdoms. Museum guide, activities (e.g. research, collecting, tours), and general info.
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Tokyo National Museum | English | Japanese
Cultural artifacts from pre-modern to modern Japan. Museum guide, info on collections organized by type and by region, exhibitions, and list of events.
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