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All Japan Naginata Federation | English | Japanese
Naginata, a spear-like Japanese weapon used by samurai women. Japanese site also includes descriptions of clothing and skills.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 10/20/2003) | English
Questions and answers regarding martial art training and techniques, health and fitness, mind and body, traditions, etc. Viewers can also ask questions via email.
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Classical Martial Arts in Japan - | English
Pre-modern styles, schools, and traditions developed by the warrior class. In-depth articles, book reviews, and an online store.
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Dragon Hoshi Defense | English | Japanese
Maker of custom-made japanese martial arts weapons, using high carbon steel.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 06/23/2006)
Shinkageryu Hyoho Marobashikai: The U.S. Marobashikai | English | Japanese
International, U.S., chapter of the Shinkageryu Hyoho Marobashikai of Japan. Grand Master Watanabe Tadashige.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 10/26/2004)

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