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Fashion in Japan | English
Monthly updates on Japanese fashion trends for designers, manufacturers, line-builders, marketing departments, buyers, stylists. Member registration needed.
(Hits: 3,890 Listed: 10/17/2003) | English | Japanese
Business concierge service to help foreign affiliated companies interested in entering the Japan market. Initial market insight and sales channel business development. Market research reports, consumer trend data, Japan business development consulting, related services. Tokyo-based firm owned by Hello-G Co., Ltd. in Shizuoka Prefecture.
(Hits: 3,895 Listed: 03/31/2010)
JAMA - Japan Auto Trends | English
Environment & safety, eco-friendly technology, import/export, etc. PDF archive of publications. Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.
(Hits: 3,893 Listed: 03/25/2004)
Japan Marketing News | English
News, insights, analyses and advice related to product development, marketing, advertising and business strategy in Japan.
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 09/28/2006)
Plunkett Research | English | Japanese
Industry sector analysis, corporate profiles, trends and industry statistics. Reports and online subscription service.
(Hits: 3,897 Listed: 03/25/2004)
Research and Markets | English
Reports on market trends in various industries (ie. food, apparel, electronics, pharmaceuticals etc.). Available for sale in various currencies.
(Hits: 3,935 Listed: 03/25/2004)
The Asahi Shimbun - Japan's Market Trends | English
Household budgets, consumer confidence, education, trade, and vertical industries (IT, transportation, pharmaceuticals, advertising, fashion, etc.)
(Hits: 3,889 Listed: 03/25/2004)

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