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AmerAsian School in Okinawa | English | Japanese
Opened in June, 1998 by five single mothers who were not satisfied with the educational opportunities being provided by local Japanese schools. AASO's objective is a multicultural education. A private educational institution, or so-called "free school". Students at AASO complete their compulsory education at ASSO while being simultaneously enrolled on a register of a public school in their district.
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American School in Japan | English
Located in Chofu, Tokyo. K-12 with AP curriculum.
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Aoba-Japan International School | English
Located in Tokyo. Japanese language studies as well as a complete English mainstream curriculum, with full and half-day programs. Sister campus is the Aoba-Japan International School in Suginami-ku for children aged 4 to grade 9.
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Apple Bee International School | English | Japanese
Kindergarten, daycare and English conversation school in Kumamoto City. Montessori method. English classes available after school for elementary, junior high, high school, college students and adults.
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Axis Kichijoji International School | English | Japanese
Non-denominational Christian school in Kichijoji, Tokyo. English pre-school programs, K-12 international school program, English classes for children and adults, children's English play-time, Bible classes.
(Hits: 5,203 Listed: 02/24/2006)
British School in Tokyo | English
British-style education for children aged 3  16
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Canadian Academy | English
Located in Kobe K-12 international school with AP curriculum. Dormitory facilities available.
(Hits: 5,193 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Central Forest International School | English | Japanese
International Preschool and Kindergarten in Yamato city, Kanagawa Prefecture.
(Hits: 5,198 Listed: 12/16/2011)
Christian Academy in Japan | English
Located in Tokyo. K-12, christian-centered education.
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Columbia International School | English | Japanese
International school in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. Programs for grades 1-6, 7-9, and 10-12 (high school). Instruction primarily in English with Japanese immersion programs available at the elementary level. Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada.
(Hits: 5,196 Listed: 03/24/2016)
Discovery International School | English | Japanese
Reggio Emilia-inspired, research-grounded English preschool and afternoon school programs. Learning projects emerge from children's play and integrate academic content for a purposeful, experiential, and joyful early childhood education. Located on eastern border of Nagoya, Japan.
(Hits: 5,193 Listed: 08/06/2010)
Fukuoka International School | English
Located in Fukuoka city, Kyushu. PreK-12, offering AP curriculum. Dormitory holding 24 students. Additional information also available at
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Global Village International Preschool | English | Japanese
In northern Osaka. Founded in 2001. Children learn and play in an English-speaking environment, but curriculum provides exposure to various cultures, e.g. performing Kamishibai such as "Momotaro" and "Kachi-kachi Yama". Other speeches and performances to develop confidence to speak and act in front of others. Also accommodates more After-School students from Kindergarten to 5th-grade of elementary school.
(Hits: 5,195 Listed: 12/16/2009)
GREGG International School | English | Japanese
International English-language pre-school and elementary school located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. English classes available for Japanese students.
(Hits: 5,194 Listed: 02/24/2006)
Hiroshima International School | English
Located in Hiroshima, grades K-8, with curriculum based on International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programs
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Hokkaido International School | English | Japanese
Located in Sapporo, grades K-12. Dormitory holds 20 students.
(Hits: 5,195 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Horizon Japan Intenational School | English | Japanese
Located in Yokohama, co-ed K-6, bilingual curriculum, English as instruction medium. Accredited as gakkou houjin by the Japanese Government.
(Hits: 5,192 Listed: 04/09/2003)
International School of Sacred Heart | English
Located in Tokyo. K-12 with AP curriculum.
(Hits: 5,215 Listed: 03/30/2002)
K. International School | English
Located in Tokyo, K-9, with after-school program
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
KA International School | English | Japanese
Kikokushijo Academy International School (KAIS) provides a personalized, intensive and creative junior high and high school curriculum to English-speaking students. Students graduate with a diploma from California. Located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
(Hits: 5,193 Listed: 09/21/2006)
Kyoto International School | English
Located in Kamigyo-ku, preschool and grades K-8
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Marist Brothers International School | English
Located in Kobe, pre-school and K-12. US curriculum with New York Learning Standards as a benchmark, AP courses for selected students.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Montessori School of Tokyo | English
Located in Central Tokyo (Minami Azabu). 2yrs old -14 yrs old. Montessori trained teachers at all levels.
(Hits: 5,195 Listed: 11/29/2005)
Morey English Academy - Montessori | English
A.k.a. Rivendale Montessori School in Tokyo. International pre-school and elementary school in Minato-ku, Tokyo with bilingual classes. Programs for 18 months to 5 years and 5 years through 9 years.
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 08/06/2010)
Nagoya International School | English
Located in Moriyama-ku, pre-school and K-12, with AP curriculum
(Hits: 5,193 Listed: 03/30/2002)
New International School | English | Japanese
Located in Tokyo, preschool and K-9, with bilingual program. School first opened Sep 2001.
(Hits: 5,195 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Nishimachi International School | English
Located in Tokyo, grades K-9, with dual English/Japanese language program and mainly American curriculum
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Okinawa Christian School International | English
Located in Okinawa, grades K-12, with AP curriculum
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Osaka International School | English | Japanese
Located in Osaka, preK-12 coed, with IB curriculum. Shares many facilities and programs with Senri International School, a school for Japanese returnees. Japanese URL is for Senri.
(Hits: 5,197 Listed: 03/10/2003)
Osaka YMCA International School | English | Japanese
WASC approved, Pre K to Grade 6 school in Osaka City.
(Hits: 5,194 Listed: 12/01/2003)
Saint Maur International School | English
Located in Yokohama, grades preK-12, with AP and IB curriculum.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Seisen International School | English
Located in Tokyo, grades K-12, all-girls' except for coed Montessori kindergarten, AP and International Baccalaureate programs.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
St George Academy | English
K-8 school with child-centered educational approach. Closely aligned with Treehouse International School. Located in Nagoya.
(Hits: 5,192 Listed: 09/28/2006)
St. Mary's International School | English
Located in Tokyo, grades K-12, all-boys', IB curriculum.
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 03/30/2002)
St. Michael's International School | English | Japanese
Located in Kobe. Based on British National Curriculum. Years Nursury through 6 (PreK to 5 in US system)
(Hits: 5,192 Listed: 01/12/2004)
Tokyo Children's Academy | English
Full-time school for children ages 3 - 14 located in Minato-ku Shiba. Focused for children with advanced cognitive abilities, the school is dedicated to helping students gain their self esteem and confidence through experiencing and mastering challenges, both academic and physical. Young children start this process by exploring their environment concretely through their senses and, as they grow, progress to more abstract thinking. Supports the whole child by providing them with the tools and environment that allows them to take risks, make mistakes, and try again until they master the tasks.
(Hits: 5,217 Listed: 11/02/2013)
Tokyo International School | English
Located in Tokyo, preschool and K-5, with ESL program.
(Hits: 5,191 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Treehouse International School | English
Early childhood education using the Pre-school Sequence of the Core Knowledge Foundation, delivered with strong Montessori influence. Affiliated with St. George Academy (K-8 program); also ESL classes for adults. Located in Nagoya.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 09/28/2006)
Tsukuba International School | English
Located in Ibaraki, grades 1-6.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Whitehorse Montessori School | English | Japanese
International Montessori preschool and kindergarten for native and non-native speakers of English in Yokohama.
(Hits: 5,196 Listed: 08/04/2003)
YMCA International Open-minded School | English
Located in Koto-ku, K-5, ages 4-13, mainly English curriculum, few Japanese classes.
(Hits: 5,196 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Yokohama English Preschool | English | Japanese
An English, Intercultural preschool located in Honmoku, Yokohama.
(Hits: 5,201 Listed: 06/27/2004)
Yokohama International Christian Academy | English
Located in Yokohama, bible-based, grades K-12.
(Hits: 5,197 Listed: 03/30/2002)
Yokohama International School | English
Located in Yokohama, K-12, IB and AP curriculum.
(Hits: 5,194 Listed: 03/30/2002)

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