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Haiku for People | English
How to write Haiku-poems, poems by the great Japanese poets.
(Hits: 1,407 Listed: 04/01/2002)
Haiku Homepage | English
Rules of composing haiku poetry and list of websites related to haiku.
(Hits: 1,277 Listed: 04/01/2002)
Haiku of Kobayashi Issa | English
Website on Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827), considered one of the most prolific of Japan's haiku poets. Includes a searchable archive of 3,700+ haiku.
(Hits: 1,282 Listed: 12/04/2002)
Hall of the Grand Inspiritors: Matsuo Basho | English
Comprehensive internet resource on Matsuo Basho and his works. Includes links to his poems, haiku, and biography. Site is individually maintained.
(Hits: 1,249 Listed: 12/04/2002)
Japanese Poetry Terms | English
Glossary of Japanese poetry terms. Part of aha! poetry.
(Hits: 1,261 Listed: 08/30/2002)
Museum ofHaiku Literature | English | Japanese
The world's only library devoted for collection and preservation of haiku works, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Has information regarding address, open hours, and admission fee. Japanese page has haiku competition information (including winning haikus). Operated by Association of Haiku Poets, incorporated association.
(Hits: 1,278 Listed: 08/15/2003)
Old Pond Comics | English
Features the adventures of Kaeru, a frog who becomes the haiku apprentice of Master Kawazu (the frog who inspired Basho's famous haiku). Site contains fun and educational resources about haiku in English, including a calendar of haiku contests.
(Hits: 1,236 Listed: 09/18/2010)
Paper Lanterns | English
Resource library includes extensive links. Individually maintained.
(Hits: 1,217 Listed: 04/01/2002)
Simply Haiku | English
E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms: haiku, haibun, tanka, renku and haiga.
(Hits: 1,226 Listed: 06/22/2004)
World Haiku Club | English
A non-profit-making organisation, established for the purpose of creating a world-wide network of haiku poets through which to help disseminate and develop haiku, and also to raise standards and quality of the genre. Runs the World Haiku Festival. Online contents include educational resources, links, newsboard, etc.
(Hits: 1,226 Listed: 08/20/2002)
World Haiku Review | English
Published by the World Haiku Club. Online contents include reviews, past issues, etc.
(Hits: 1,218 Listed: 08/20/2002)
Yosa Buson and his Followers: Haiku and Painting | English
Includes brief biography, online catalog of his works, and essays on the haiku poet. Site is supported by the Ministry of Education/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
(Hits: 1,230 Listed: 12/04/2002)

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