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Culture at Work - Japanese Culture | English
Japanese business culture, addressing conflicts, senarios, case studies, etc.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 01/12/2004)
Executive Planet - Japan | English
Business culture and etiquette in Japan for the business traveler. Making appointments, clothing, conversation topics, gift giving, other resources. Link is to the Japan page of a site with similar guides for many countries.
(Hits: 5,187 Listed: 12/05/2007)
Japanese Funeral Style | English | Japanese
Procedures for holding Japanese-style wake and funeral, schdule after the funeral, descriptions of traditional practices and vocabulary of Japanese funerals. Presented by Sekise corporation.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 11/16/2002)
Japanese Manners and Etiquette: Japan FAQ | English
Guide to manners and etiquette in Japan. The Do's and Don't of eating and everyday living.
(Hits: 5,189 Listed: 08/30/2002)
Sushi Etiquette | English
How to eat and order sushi from beginners to expert.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 06/11/2003)

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