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Swords (Nihonto)

Asian Rare Books | English
Antiquarian bookstore with out-of-print, old and rare books about Japan and all Asia. Booklists emailed on request.
(Hits: 1,698 Listed: 11/13/2004)
Awagami Factory | English | Japanese
Producer of traditional handmade Japanese washi paper. Information on culture and history of Japanese paper, paper making process, regional distributors. Museum of traditional paper.
(Hits: 1,699 Listed: 06/28/2005)
Daruma Magazine | English
Quarterly magazine on Japanese art & antiques, subscription based, published in Kobe. Has links page.
(Hits: 1,699 Listed: 03/28/2002)
Greentea Design | English
Japanese and Korean furniture. Antique and modern designs.
(Hits: 1,698 Listed: 10/26/2004)
Japanese Armor History | English | Japanese
Names of Japanese armor parts. Timeline of armor evolution.
(Hits: 1,698 Listed: 07/17/2003)
Lisa's Japanese Pages | English
Gateway site to articles and other information on Japanese history, culture, music written by Lisa Shea, who has run a feudal Japan newsletter and wrote most of its content for 12 years. Article topics include bonsai, weapons, bushido, feudal society, Edo, Kabuki, Zen, Ukiyo-e, and more. Photos of dolls, netsuke, sake bottles, origami. Gift-giving guide, culture and origami book reviews.
(Hits: 1,699 Listed: 08/15/2003)
Museum of Japanese Traditional Art Crafts | English | Japanese
Maintained by Japan Society of Industrial Arts. Shows exhibition schedules of traditional industrial crafts and works by living treasures in various fields (ceramics, textiles, lacquer ware, metal work, etc.).
(Hits: 1,699 Listed: 06/20/2003)
Shibui | English
Information about different kinds of Japanese crafts (kimono, tansu, ceramics, baskets, etc.). Online catalogues available.
(Hits: 1,700 Listed: 06/28/2003)
Temari - Thread-Wrapped Embroidered Balls | English
Japanese temari, thread wrapped and embroidered balls. Free patterns, links to organizations and info resources, online shopping. By Barbara Suess, Kiku Designs.
(Hits: 1,698 Listed: 01/22/2007)
Traditional Crafts | English | Japanese
History, gallery, and manufacture process of various crafts made in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. Has 14 categories (Ohi pottery, fishing fly, paper lantern, mizuhiki, etc.).
(Hits: 1,701 Listed: 07/18/2003)
Traditional Crafts of Japan | English | Japanese
Detailed descriptions and history of Japanese traditional crafts. Shows 198 craft industries recognized by the The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, organization affiliated with the government Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
(Hits: 1,702 Listed: 08/12/2003)
Wajima-Nuri Homepage | English | Japanese
About Wajima-Nuri lacquerware. History, manufacture process, and picture gallery.
(Hits: 1,698 Listed: 07/18/2003)

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