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Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal | English | Japanese
Published semi-annually; Topics include communications, electronics, and related fields.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
Hitachi Review | English
Published bimonthly. Devoted to Information Systems, Electronics, Industrial Systems, Power Systems and other fields of Hitachi Technology.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
Journal of Mitsubishi Research Institute | English
Published biannually. All papers written in Japanese. Only summaries available in English.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
NEC Research & Development Journal | English | Japanese
Published quarterly. Only abstracts available in English.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
SANYO Technical Review | English | Japanese
Published biannually. English site has abstract of articles. Japanese language site is more comprehensive.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
Sharp Technical Journal | English | Japanese
Published thrice a year. Most articles in Japanese.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)
Toshiba Review | English | Japanese
Published monthly in Japanese. Only paper abstracts available in English.
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 04/14/2003)

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