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Brewers Association of Japan | English | Japanese
Industry association of beer brewers
(Hits: 5,186 Listed: 01/20/2008)
Federation of Electric Power Companies | English | Japanese
Press releases, annual review, publications, introduction to nuclear power, etc.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Iron and Steel Institute of Japan | English | Japanese
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Automobile Importers Association | English | Japanese
Includes overview of imported car market in Japan, statistics, etc.
(Hits: 5,187 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association | English | Japanese
Overview of auto industry, customizable database with categories including production, exports, registration-sales, etc across time.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Chain Stores Association | Japanese
Japanese page includes sales statistics, list of members, press releases
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry | English | Japanese
National liaison organization of local chambers of commerce and industry, which officially record new company registrations and promote local business development. JCCI issues trade certificates and promotes international economic exchange.
(Hits: 5,190 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) | English | Japanese
Site includes press releases, statistics, purchase of standards and technical specifications approved by JEITA, etc.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)
Japan Petrochemical Association | English | Japanese
Overview of industry, production, import and export information, member info.
(Hits: 5,188 Listed: 11/14/2003)

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