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Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art | English | Japanese
Collection of modern sculpture, prints, contemporary art and other works by artists residing in Hyogo Prefecture. Site includes calendar of events, description of collections, and general info.
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JapanArt | English
Displays of antique and modern Japanese art at the Japan Art Galerie in Frankfurt, Germany. Schedule of exhibitions, photos, publications and biography of participating artists. Items also available for sale online.
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Japanese Pottery - Nationwide Museum Listing | English
Links to museums in Japan organized by location, with emphasis on pottery museums.
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MOA Musem of Art | English | Japanese
Mokichi Okada Association (MOA) Museum of Art located in Atamai, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
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Musée Guimet | English
Major museum of Asian art in France. Japan holdings include over 11,000 works from third millenium BC to beginning of Meiji Era (1868).
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Niki Museum | English | Japanese
Museum in Nasu, Japan, dedicated to Niki de Saint Phalle. Includes biography of artist, works, museum shop and related links.
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Sapporo Art Park | English | Japanese
Open-air in Hokkaido. Info about open-air exhibitions of sculptures, indoor galleries, workshops, events, collections, links to museums in Japan.
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Suntory Museum of Art | English | Japanese
Collection of traditional arts and crafts of old Japan including textiles, ceramics and lacquerware. Site provides description of present and future exhibitions, and general info.
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The University Art Museum - Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music | English | Japanese
Collection of over 45000 art works including national treasures and cultural properties. Also exhibits student works from the Tokyo Fine Arts School. Site includes general info, and exhibition schedules.
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The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts | English
Virtual museum of various arts. Site covers fine arts, crafts, performing arts, pastime arts, martial arts, cuisine, and more. Site belongs to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Tokugawa Art Museum | English | Japanese
Museum in Nagoya. Online tour with explanations through exhibition of Tokugawa period (1603-1868) art. Provides several digital galleries of permanent exhibitions, including swords, armor, Noh masks and costumes, tea sets, kimono, and items of daily living
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