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Ainu Language - Aynu Itak (Omniglot) | Japanese
General description, pronunciation, links to online lessons, wordlists and dictionaries, folktales and oral literature, other resources for study of culture, history, placenames
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Ainu Language and Japan's Ancient History | English | Japanese
English side has papers written about Ainu culture and language. Japanese side has papers about ancient Japanese history and language.
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Literatures and Materials of Ainu Language: For Learners | English | Japanese
Bibliography of teaching materials, dictionaries, otherr publications, audio / video materials, Internet links. Presented by the Endangered Languages of the Pacific Rim Project, sponsored by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
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The Ainu Museum | English | Japanese
Exhibit in Hokkaido of Ainu cultural assets. General museum info provided. Website has introduction to Ainu life, rites, history, and culture. Many photographs.
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The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture | English | Japanese
Government-founded organization aimed to preserve and promote Ainu culture. Ainu related events and cultural information.
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YLC - Ainu | English
Basic vocabulary, common words, bibliography of off-line materials. Presented by Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon.
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