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Asian Survey | English
Bi-monthly publication presenting authoratative views and analyses of the politics, economics, and foreign relations of Asian countries. Published by the University of California Press in conjunction with the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California. Subscription-based wtih online subscription option, with table of contents of each issue viewable for free.
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Education About Asia | English
Aimed for educators of all levels, published three times a year, subscription basis. Website includes contents of all issues and sample articles. Part of the Association for Asian Studies.
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Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies | English
Multi-disciplinary journal in the social sciences dedicated to publishing scholarly writing on contemporary Japan. Contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics, and culture. International editorial board. Articles, reviews, discussion papers, conference and seminar papers, bulletin. Available free online.
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Journal of Asian Studies | English
4-5 feature articles, reviews. Presented by the Association of Asian Studies, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Online content includes synopsis of articles, and select full articles og past issues. Subscription-based.
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Journal of Japanese Studies | English
Articles suggesting new analyses and interpretations, book reviews, translations of Japanese articles of particular interest. Published twice a year by the Society for Japanese Studies and housed at the University of Washington, supported by the Japan Foundation, Yale University and the University of Washington. Abstracts of articles recent issues and author index. Subscription-based.
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Social Science Japan Journal | English
New English-language, internationally refereed journal of the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, published by Oxford University Press. Includes original papers on social science issues related to modern Japan, including comparative work and studies of international relaions. All disciplines in the social sciences are represented in the Journal, including anthropology, economics, geography, history, law, political science, and sociology.
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